Thursday, June 28, 2012

Waiting for Sunrise by Eva Marie Everson Ends June 30th
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  1. Waiting for Sunrise is one of those books that will effect you. You will not leave this book without being changed. Patsy Milstrap is a woman in her late thirties with an amazing husband, and beautiful children, but she can't seem to stop herself from feeling lost and afraid. This is her story, but just as much as her families story.

    Eva Marie Everson can write. This book is beautiful and poignant and will make you definitely contemplate life's choices. It had me really thinking about how one person's sin can affect a whole lot of people. It also made me see how important God is for healing. I don't think anyone can be fully healed of a past unless they have the knowledge of Christ's sacrifice, forgiveness, and full love for them. On a side note, parents please read this book first before you decide to let your young one read it . Unfortunately, there are things in it that deal with adultery, lust, and abuse. I hope you read Waiting for Sunrise, it will allow you to see God's amazing grace in a time where it doesn't look like there should be hope.

  2. Nice review/comment! Thank you!

    I must confess something ... when I read "Eva Marie Everson can write," I think of how good God is. When I was a young girl, a teacher told me I could never be a writer. "You can't do that" she said. So sweet how God reconfirms what our hearts tell us but others try to destroy with their words.

    Thank you, too, for the warning to parents. Parents, you have to know your own teenagers as to whether or not they are mature enough to read about adult situations. There is nothing illicit in my work, but these ARE the situations adults often deal with. Sadly. I once had a reviewer blast me for the passion between husband and wife THIS FINE LIFE. Now, mind you, none of the scenes were spelled out. I wanted to show just how powerful physical attraction can be (especially in the beginning of marriage) but that it won't GET you through the marriage. Anyhoo ... the reviewer was 16! Sixteen? What does she know about young marriage, I wondered ... I mean, enough to review a book about it.

    At 16, I could have read the book and been fine, but I was not sheltered (in the true sense) while I think this 16 year old is VERY sheltered (and in every sense).

    Okay, I've run down a rabbit trail. All that to say ... thank you. On both counts. :)

    Eva Marie Everson
    Waiting for Sunrise