Thursday, June 14, 2012

One Dan Walsh ebook or paperback, ends Saturday, June 16

Three posts this week on Overcoming Through Time, for Dan Walsh week on Overcoming Through Time - With God's Help.  Two guest posters - Faye Oygard
and Nora  St. Laurent of The Book Club Network  and one by blog hostess Carrie Fancett Pagels.

Come by and visit, and leave a message or question for Dan Walsh, who has been popping by to respond.  Giveaway of ebook or paperback, winners choice. Contest ends Saturday.

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  1. The Unfinished Gift by Dan Walsh is an unexpected treasure. Patrick Collins is having a terrible Christmas. His mother killed in a car accident, his father fighting the Nazis overseas, he's sent off to wait for his father's return with a grandfather, Ian, he's never met. Ian is Scrooge personified: angry at the world, curmudgeonly, stingy, and holding on to a burning anger at Patrick's father that spills over into his relationship with the seven-year-old Patrick. Kathleen Townsend, Patrick's social worker, is doing everything she can to care for the sweet little boy, but when bad news comes, no one can protect him from the consequences. Walsh's rendering of Ian is that of a harsh almost brutal man, who turned his back on anyone who refused to do things his way. Patrick is a lovely, sweet boy who wants nothing more than to please the adults around him, but there's no pleasing Ian. Walsh reminds readers that Christmas is a time of second chances and to offer forgiveness.